Stockmanship without a dog

SAWSDA Training Schools

The SA Working Sheepdog Association holds training schools for:

  1. People involved in the livestock industry who would like to learn a more complete way of handling stock.

  2. People who own a heading dog (mostly border collies or kelpies) and would like to learn how to work their dog on stock, either for farm work or sheepdog trialling.

If you fit the above description, then this is the course for you!

The days are broken into several sessions of both theory and practical, giving each participant opportunities to learn about a concept and then put it into practice with their dog on sheep.

The training schools are broken into stages which are presented sequentially.  Ideally, participants would complete Stage 1 then go home and practice what they have learned for a few months before attending a Stage 2 training school.
Theory session

Some of the topics covered in Stage 1 include:

  • Understanding instinct
  • Understanding the dog pack hierarchy and what that means for you as a handler
  • Understanding the dog/sheep dynamic
  • Basic on and off sheep control

Here are some of the comments from participants of our training schools.

“Great trainers, loved the variation for different problems.”

“Perfect balance of theory and practical.”

“Admin was wonderful, very clear and helpful.”

“The day overall was more than excellent I loved every second.”

“I learned a different way of keeping in the picture and establishing a stop command.”

“Looking forward to the next one. ”

In the yards

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